About Us
AdReactor history in some more detail.
AdReactor was established in 2002 as a media agency focusing into exclusive website representation. Starting as online brokers, connecting brand advertisers and large corporate publishers eventually lead us to expand by providing full service non-exclusive advertising solutions to all quality websites started as of January 2009. Due to trustworthy long term cooperation with many industry leaders - both advertisers and publishers - AdReactor has a proven track record of achieving it`s client`s objectives.
  • 2002
    First Alpha Launch Of AdReactor Advertising Network

  • 2003
    Entered Closed Beta By Working With Only Selected Few Websites

  • 2004
    Introduction Of The Brand Division

  • 2005-2008
    Optimization & Tweaking Stage

  • 2009
    Official Launch Of AdReactor.com
We understand that our industry is driven by innovation, personalization, adaptation and high advertising standards. As of 2009, AdReactor has launched a brand new website along with all new tools available to our clients via the advertising platform. This as well as staying an active media agency through our premium channel, makes it possible for us to deliver higher end revenue to publishers as well as higher performance metrics to advertisers than other competitive networks.

And as the marketplace evolves, so do we - AdReactor Advertising Network - Powered By Results!
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