Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Is AdReactor?
    AdReactor is an online media marketing firm founded in 2003 providing powerful solutions for advertisers and publishers through effective targeting and optimization. It is a dynamic ad network, focused into both exclusive and non-exclusive representation of the biggest Entertainment & Technology related websites.
  • Why AdReactor?
    You should join AdReactor due to many reasons :
    • 100% Fill Rate Of All Your Inventory
    • Global Coverage
    • High eCPMs
    • Unique Targeting Technology (Dynamic Targeting)
    • Personal Account Manager
    • NET30 Payment Terms
    • Reliable Wire Transfer & PayPal Payments
    This enables us to serve as a one stop solution for publishers and can take care of all your advertising needs under one roof, so you do not need to rely on working with various ad networks, worrying about chaining and priorities and therefore managing a separate ad server for that purpose.
    We exclusively represent many of the biggest Music & Video websites in the industry. Precision, personal touch and rigorous testing set us apart from the competition.
  • How do I get started?
    It's easy. You can register now by filling out the Publisher Application form.
  • What are the requirements for acceptance into AdReactor?
    Yes. Here are the main guidelines which we take into account when reviewing a website :

    The Website Must Have :
    • Min. 100.000 Impressions Per Month
    • Unique Content
    • Professional Design
    • High Quality Domain Name
    The Website Must Not Have :
    • Adult, Nudity, Suggestive Content
    • Hateful, Violent Content
    • Deceptive Content
    • Illegal Content (Warez / Hacking / Phreaking / Phishing)
    • Too Many Ad Placements Per Page (Ad Stuffing)
    • Poor Bottom Line Ad Placements
    • Incentives To Click And/Or Sign-Up To The Advertisement
    • Traffic Other Than The Traffic Generated By Your Website

  • What should I know about the payment? (Terms, Methods, Rules)
    Payment Terms :
    We pay based on NET30 payment term, which means the payment goes out about 30 days after the month in which you have generated the revenue ends. In practice, that is usually the first week of the new month. If you have not reached the Minimal Payment Threshold, the revenue will carry on to the next month's payment cycle.

    Payment Currency :
    The official currency we pay in is USD. However, upon request it is possible to be paid in EUR equivalent as well. The USD to EUR conversion is based on the exchange rate of our bank on the 1st of the month when the payment is scheduled to go out.

    Payment Method :
    You can choose whether to be paid via Wire Transfer or PayPal.

    Payment Threshold :
    PayPal : $50.00 USD (Min) - $500.00 USD (Max)
    Wire Transfer : $500.00 USD (Min)

  • What pricing metrics do you use?
    We pay based on eCPM (effective CPM), as derived from a mixture of CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns. Most of our campaigns are CPM based. We only show CPC and CPA campaigns when their eCPM is higher than CPM campaigns alone. The result is a highly optimized bottom line revenue.
    • CPM - cost-per-thousand impressions. Ad model that pays publishers every time an ad is displayed to a user, whether the user clicks on the ad or not. The fee is based on every 1,000 ad impressions (M is the Roman numeral for 1,000). Payment is based on the number of impressions as reported by the AdReactor Reporting Source.
    • CPC - cost-per-click. Ad model that pays publishers every time the user clicks on an ad. Payment is based on the number of clicks reported by the AdReactor Reporting Source.
    • CPA - cost-per-acquisition. Ad model that pays publishers every time the user makes an actual acquisition, whether that being an install, lead, or purchase. Payment is based on the number of acquisitions reported by the AdReactor Reporting Source.

  • What percentage of inventory can you cover with paid ads?
    Since starting back in 2003, we have been committed to selling 100% of all global ad inventory at all times. Even in rare cases, when we might show a default ad, we would pay you for showing these ads.
  • Which countries do you have paying ads for?
    We have paying ads available for all countries. The highest paying ads are available for traffic from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Western European countries.
  • How many advertisers do you work with?
    The number of advertisers in rotation changes more or less daily. However, at any given time there are hundreds of active advertising campaigns, along with thousands of optimized creatives in rotation.
  • Which website categories do you work with?
    We cover many categories, including but not limited to :
    • Entertainment (Music, Video, Gaming, etc.)
    • Technology
    • Automotive
    • Sports
    • Health
    • Women
    • More

  • Can you block certain type of ads from rotating with my tags?
    Yes. If there is a certain creative you do not want to display to your visitors, we can take care of that for you. Alternatively, a whole variety of similar type of creatives can be blocked from your account through the use of category filters. Please contact your account manager, or contact us via the Contact Us page if you need us to take care of such case.
  • Do I get a personal account manager to assist me with my needs?
    All our clients get their personal account manager which will help you with placement and optimization tips, work with you to achieve compliance with advertisers and campaigns, remove any unwanted advertisements, as well as give you valuable feedback and account analysis.
  • Which ad sizes do you work with?
    • Banners
    • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper
    • 300x250 Rectangle
    • 320x50 Banner
    • 468x60 Banner
    • 728x90 Leaderboard
    • PopUp / PopUnder
    • 800x600 Full
    • 500x500 Medium
    • 720x300 Standard
    • Custom
    • Dynamic

  • Where can I login to check the stats, revenue and eCPM?
    Please login using "Customer Login" section on the AdReactor home page at and select your role as a Publisher.
  • Are AdReactor reports in real-time?
    No. Our statistics and revenue reports are one day behind.
    This is because we get delayed data from our partners, so the real-time statistics wouldn't be accurate.
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