Ad Formats & Rates
Chosing the right ad unit is essential for optimized ROI.
Ad Formats & Rates
AdReactor provides multiple display ad formats to meet your specific campaign objectives and desires.

We support all standard IAB ad formats, as well as Dynamic and Text ads, in particular :
  • 160x600 Banner
  • 300x250 Banner
  • 320x50 Banner
  • 468x60 Banner
  • 728x90 Banner
  • 720x300 PopUp / PopUnder
  • 800x600 PopUp / PopUnder
  • Dynamic Ad Unit
  • Text Ad Unit
So what are Dynamic ads?

Dynamic Ads are display ads that take live content and use it in the ad itself. Or in other words - the page is an ad itself. That means no more static banners with content that only few care about. But a banner created on the fly from the content of the page the visitor is currently looking - all this to reach your specific costumer and help him/her find the relevant product.

Please contact us for a free consultation to determine which ad format would best meet your campaign's objectives.
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