Targeting Overview
Targeting has the most important role in determing the success of your campaign.
Many entrepreneurs think that selling to the widest possible market is the likeliest path to success. But this 'take all' approach is usually not that effective. Since you are probably selling products and services that are customized towards specific needs and predispositions of a select group of people, you want to target the right audience to achieve best performance. The process starts with market research: analyze your potential customers, your competitors, your market's predisposition toward your products and services, and your ability to serve these people. When you figure out exactly which group of people you want to reach, and what their needs are, you avoid wasting valuable time and money.

So let us ask you these questions :
  • Do I have an identifiable target population with similar interests and needs?
  • Where will the costumer come from? Is there an easy way to find them?
  • Can I optimize my products, ads, and business to address those costumers?
  • Can I reach my potential customers in a cost-effective manner?
Let us answer that for you. YES

This is where AdReactor comes into play with it's precise and robust targeting mechanism, which can guarantee to reach the right customer at the right time. Having the ads appear within relevant content is one of our topmost priorities.

Our targeting works on different levels. We support all standard targeting, such as Geography, OS / Software / Browser, Net Speed, Keyword and Theme targeting, as well as Contextual and Dynamic targeting. The later being patent pending and unique to our network.

Dynamic Targeting uses visitor profiles. That means different content is able to dynamically generate ads which are extremely relevant to the page the visitor is currently visiting. The result is improved performance, for example : increased conversion rates and revenue.
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