Optimized Delivery

All campaigns are automatically optimized for best performance. Advertisers achieve better ROI while publishers receive highest eCPM and revenue. It is a win-win for everyone.

Global Reach

We offer 100% fill rate for all countries, devices and operating systems.

Personal Touch

Our friendly and experienced account managers will help advertisers achieve their campaign goals in no time and provide publishers with suggestions, tips and tricks to maximize their revenue.

Competitive eCPMs

By having more than 10,000 direct campaigns and supporting Real Time Bidding (RTB) to compete for each impression, we are able to offer highest revenues for your traffic.

Welcome to AdReactor

AdReactor’s experienced and skilled team is always available to help advertisers and publishers with guidance and suggestions on how to enhance their ROI and revenue. Combined with both 3rd party and in-house developed advertising platforms we can offer all solutions you might need. Whether it is supply or demand you are after, we got you covered by having direct relationship with many of the largest DSPs, SSPs and Exchanges on the market. Precision, personal touch and smart ad serving solutions set us apart from the competition.


15 +

Years of Advertising Experience


Account Managers




5 Billion +

Global Monthly Impressions

10,000 +

Active Campaigns

7,000 +

Satisfied Publishers


Developing in-house advertising solutions, tools and automation since 2002.


RTB Enabled

Real Time Bidding (RTB) allows advertisers to expand their reach by giving them access to a big portion of all available internet traffic. It helps publishers to increase their eCPMs by adding demand.

Automatic Optimization

All campaigns are automatically optimized for highest performance thus giving excellent results to advertisers and high revenues to publishers.


Re-connect with visitors that have already left your landing page, or exclude visitors which have already completed the action to improve your ROI.

News & Events

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The time of COVID-19 pandemic is still in full force and some countries are being hit more than others. Our ...

Special December Bonus Plan

Special December Bonus Plan

This December we are giving out a $50.00 bonus to all our publishers who will generate more than $500.00 in December 2018. This ...

Introducing New Ad Effects

Introducing New Ad Effects

Several new banner effects have been introduced - Adhesion, Castaway and Smoke Screen! Joining Crawler, Lightbox, Overlay and Shoutbox the ...

New Website Launch

New Website Launch

After almost a decade and several structural changes we are finally letting go of the old AdReactor website. Now replacing ...



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